Looking For New Window Coverings? Check Out These Window Covering Trends

There are many benefits to window coverings. They can offer you privacy in your home, decrease your energy usage, control the amount of light that comes into your home and bring a style or aesthetic element to your windows. If you are in the market for your first window coverings in your new home or looking to replace existing ones, you may be curious to learn about the trends for window coverings this year. This will help you select a window covering that is stylish and trendy and that has the functional features you expect. Here are a few of the top trends for this year.

Exterior Window Treatments

Many window treatments are interior window treatments, including blinds and curtains. However, one of the trends currently has to do with exterior window treatments. The primary purpose of exterior window treatments is to decrease the energy usage in a home and protect the windows from strong weather elements. Some common exterior window treatments include exterior reflective window film, exterior home shutters and exterior metal roller blinds. Just like when you tint the windows in your car, an exterior reflective window film helps to decrease the amount of UV rays that get into your home, helping to keep your home cooler. When in use, home shutters and metal roller blinds will also do this. However, when these are in use, they can also protect your windows from hail and strong winds in hurricane-like conditions or protect your home from burglars when you are on vacation.

Child- and Pet-Friendly Window Coverings

One of the window covering trends this year will have parents of small children or pets breathing a sigh of relief. Child- and pet-friendly window coverings are expected to be popular this year. Unfortunately, it is very easy for a small child or pet to get caught up in the cords associated with corded blinds. And small sequins or beads can fall off curtains, or be pulled off, and present a choking hazard. And when these issues occur, they make the news, making more people aware of the hazards, which in turn, causes them to look for child- and pet-friendly alternatives. Some alternatives include curtains with garnishments that can't be pulled off, motorized blinds, rolling shades, and wooden shutters.

Motorized Window Coverings

This last current trend for window coverings is motorized window coverings. Technology has had a huge affect on people's lives, making everyday tasks easier. And this is true even when it comes to window coverings. Instead of having to get off your couch and go from window to window to open or close the blinds, shades or shutters, you can do it with a push of a button. This allows you to sit and relax without having to get up. It also allows you to reach blinds or curtains on windows that are high up that you normally don't bother opening or closing.

And depending on which company manufacturers the window coverings you go with, there may be a couple other features that appeal to you. Some manufacturers offer motorized window covering technology that instructs the window coverings to open or close at pre-set times. And others allow you to adjust the blinds with any wi-fi device in your home, including your smartphone, computer or tablet, meaning you don't even have to bother with the remote.

Window coverings constantly change. Currently, you can expect exterior, child- and pet-friendly and motorized window coverings to all be popular with consumers. If you are in the market for new window treatments, learning about these trends may help you decide on which features you want in your new ones.