4 Types of Video Marketing Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

Starting a mommy blog is a great way to connect with other parents, share your personal story, and make some money while raising your children from home. As you start a mommy blog, one of the initial goals should be reaching as many people as possible. By working on a marketing activation plan, you can properly roll out your blog to showcase your branding and the types of posts that you're going to be making. To help reach a large audience and showcase the type of mommy blog that you will have, there are four different types of videos you can create as part of the marketing plan. Once these videos are created, a marketing company can help integrate them into your branding and spread them across multiple forms of social media.

1. Day-in-the-Life Video

To help new readers gain perspective on your life and the type of blog you're presenting, you can create a day-in-the-life video montage that showcases a typical day of your life as a mother. When recording the video, you want to capture small moments from when you first wake up and then all of the routines that go on during the day. This can include mundane stuff to cooking breakfast to more detailed stuff like personal hobbies or special activities that you do with your child. When you're working with a marketing company, the video can be edited down to showcase the highlights of the day and have music added in the background to create a logical flow.

2. House Tours

Another big part of mommy blogs is showcasing the living space that you and your children enjoy on a daily basis. A house tour video is a great way to establish this space and give potential readers a clear view of your home. During a house tour video, you can use a mix of images and video clips to showcase different features. Ideally, you will focus on a lot of motherhood aspects, including a child's playroom design, nursery design, and any other special areas that are set up for your child. This is also a great way to integrate any product promotions that you are using with your mommy blog. For example, if you getting sponsored by a children's rug company, then the house tour video can showcase a rug used in a children's room.

3. Mommy Tips

One of the main focuses of a mommy blog is to reach out and inspire other mothers. Help build this network and community of mothers right off the bat by creating short promotional videos that include some of your mommy tips. These videos do not have to be extensive, as they can help promote longer blog posts with additional details on the topics. For example, you can create a short mommy tip video that focuses on packing school lunches for your child. The short video can lead to a long blog post that includes pictures of lunch examples and some of your favorite recipes. By starting out with a few mommy tips videos, you can help increase interest in the blog and get a conversation going.

4. Journey to Motherhood

A lot of the marketing for your mommy blog should be about making a connection through your brand. One way to connect and relate to other parents is by showcasing your journey to motherhood. A lot of your posts will focus on current mothering, but a journey to motherhood video can showcase where you came from. These short video interviews are a great way to show your personality and tell how you became a mother in the first place. If you're looking to create more detailed stories, then you can tell birthing stories or any struggles to conceive a child in the first place. These videos are a great way to share narratives and draw personal connections through new readers.

After the initial videos are created, they can be stored on an "FAQ" or "About Me" page featured on the blog. This is a great way to always have content for any new readers that discover the blog. Find a marketing company like XPlane for more information.