Maximize Your Social Media With Targeted Direct Marketing

Direct, or field, marketing is a more traditional approach to marketing. It usually involves face to face interaction with end-users. Some of the most popular direct marketing approaches involve trade shows, sponsoring events and holding promotions inside retail stores. These can all be effective, but it obviously depends on your field and product. During these events, companies often hand out logo apparel and products to help promote. One thing is certain, you can maximize your direct marketing efforts and get even more results by incorporating them with a social media campaign. Here are a few sure-fire ways to incorporate social media with your direct marketing efforts.

Print Your Social Media Handles on Your Logo Gift

No matter what you are giving away, it is useful to print your social media handle directly on the product. This is a simple way to remind customers to stay in contact online. If a customer has to Google search your name while trying to find your social media accounts, they are likely to come across some of your competitors. But, if they know your direct handle, they will have a direct path to your account.

Using Facebook "Check-In" at Events

Facebook has a handy, and easy to use event feature. With this feature you can create events and invite people through Facebook. Luckily, not just your followers will see this invitation. Their followers will see it, and the more people who "like" or click that they are going to attend the event, the more users that will see the add. But just getting people to the event is just the beginning.

Once people show up at your event (whether for a booth at a trade show or an in-store promotion) you can get them engaged even more with Facebook. The "Check-In" feature is super easy. The customer just needs to check into the event right then and there. This will show up on that followers' friends timeline. A good marketing tool is to encourage customers to check in to the event by offering a discount or promotional item. It could be cheap sunglasses, a notepad, or even a sample of your product: nothing huge, but all branded products.

By utilizing this simple Facebook feature, you can open a direct line of conversation with customers. The mix of direct marketing, logo products, and a social media marketing is a proven strategy for just about any type of business.

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