3 Benefits Of Direct Mail Marketing

Many businesses overlook the benefits of direct mailings in favor of marketing exclusively online. Even if you have a purely online business, integrating direct mail into your marketing strategy can improve your reach.

Harder To Avoid

Online ads were once a staple of marketing, but the public has managed to avoid annoying ads by using ad-blocking software. Even in situations where a person cannot block the ad, they frequently ignore them, especially on social media. This often means the investment in online ads is wasted. In contrast, people are more likely to pay attention to advertisements sent as direct mail, especially if they feature an attractive product or promote a sale. Fortunately, direct mail is fairly inexpensive, especially when sent in bulk. You might find you receive a higher return on investment with direct mail instead of online ads.

Reaches A Wider Audience

The characteristic most people have in common is they have a physical address. Although the internet is increasingly accessible, especially with the use of mobile devices, there continues to be part of the population with limited or no access to the internet. If you exclusively advertise on social media platforms, you might find your reach is even less. Some social media platforms tend to be more popular than others and it is not always easy to determine where to advertise. Direct mail can reduce some of your concerns about reaching a wider audience. You can also narrow your scope by zip code if you feel people of a certain demographic or in specific neighborhoods would be more likely to purchase your product or stop by your store.

More Personalization Options

Unlike generic online ads, you can achieve better personalization with direct mail. You might use basic information from mailing lists or when people register with an online account to your store to help with your personalization efforts. Some ways businesses personalize their direct mail marketing include adding the recipient's name within the message, not just on the address label, or sending the recipient a birthday card during their birthday month. You might also send direct mailings with suggestions for specific products based on previous purchases. The more you can personalize your direct mailings, the more likely the recipient will take a second look and even consider making a purchase.

Although direct mail can seem like an outdated marketing tactic, it is actually a more effective marketing strategy than online ads. Integrating direct mailings into your marketing can help you reach more customers.