How To Get Customers To Reveal Who They Really Are

One of the challenges of market research is that customers will often tell researchers about what they think they are like, rather than what they really are like. Then, when market researchers look for effective methods to sell to customers, they need to rely on ethnographic research methods that utilize phone calls or face-to-face interviews. 

Creating a More Authentic Experience

When working with focus groups, you'll often find yourself in an artificial situation where it is more difficult for customers to remain frank. In contrast, interviewing customers in a less structured setting can be more effective. There are several options available when performing this form of research.

When customers purchase a product, this is a great opportunity to interview them. They will be more likely to be in the right mindset to offer feedback. An ideal time to interview a customer is after he or she has finished the process of purchasing the product. 

Performing Research on Customers Digitally

Oftentimes, it might not be convenient to interview a customer immediately after a purchase and the product may even be purchased online. When marketing to international customers, you may need to turn to virtual methods of interviewing them. However, if you are able to take a trip to the destination where you will be performing research to interview several customers at their homes, you'll receive better answers.

One way to perform virtual research is to ask customers to carry out various tasks related to a product and write essays about their experiences. They should also take pictures of their experiences. By writing about their experiences so extensively, you may have a broader understanding of your customers and their experiences.

Researching International Customers Effectively

When marketing to some international audiences, it's important to remember that many customers make purchasing decisions based on family considerations. Performing research in an environment that includes multiple family members or that includes a peer group can give you a more accurate perception of your customer. Also, being surrounded by family members or a peer group can help customers feel more relaxed. 

Because you will be operating within multiple cultures and regions, you may need to perform cross-cultural analysis. By working with ethnography international market research services, you'll have access to information that is necessary to determine which corporate cultures and policies can be altered to increase efficiency and productivity and to best appeal to the target market.