Three Ways To Use IP Targeting For Advertising Campaigns

Using IP targeting software allows for almost infinite ways of tailoring your ads to visitors. There are several types of information you can acquire from IP targeting and use this information to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Household Demographics

There is plenty of information available about individual households when using IP targeting software, which allows you to better fine-tune your ads. For example, a professional photographer might want their ads to appear in front of households who are more likely to be experiencing a major milestone in the near future. This could include the birth of a new baby, a graduation, or a wedding. These milestones are when people are more likely to hire a professional photographer, so it only makes sense their ads appear for these specific households. Some of the information available might be from mailing lists for department stores or magazine subscriptions. This information can help you determine which households are most likely to be interested in your business.

Location-Based Ads

Using IP targeting also works well for location-based targeting. Some online stores will sell more of a certain item based on where the visitor is located. One such example will be team apparel. Although people do not always like the home team, most likely a visitor from a specific state or region will want apparel for the home team. This allows stores that sell team apparel to promote a specific team based on the geographic location of the visitor. The store could be more specific if they wanted to promote apparel for college or high school teams. Since attendance at a specific high school is often based on zoning, it is easy to use a visitor's IP address to determine whether they have a high-school-aged student and what school they most likely attend.

Seasonal Variations

IP targeting can be useful in a broader sense, especially for online stores that sell various products. If you are a clothing store that ships worldwide and it's January, you might promote specific products based on IP address. People in the northern hemisphere should see ads for your store that include warm clothing, such as thick winter coats and boots. Those who are in the southern hemisphere will need to see bathing suits and flip-flops or similar warm-weather clothing items. Since the ads people see are based on their IP address, it is possible to run many different ad campaigns simultaneously, while each ad is able to reach the target demographic.

IP targeting software not only makes it easy to hit the mark with your ad campaign, but it also minimizes the amount of advertising dollars wasted.