3 Tips To Help You Segment Customers For Direct Mail Retargeting

When you run an online business, you can still reach out to clients in the physical world. Sending direct snail-mail to customers is actually a really good way to drive traffic to your website. Sending direct mail can really help you develop deeper relationships with your clients.

When it comes to direct mail retargeting, you want to make sure you are sending out effective emails. You want to make sure that your messages are as effective as possible. You need to make sure you are segmenting your customers into different groups so that your marketing is as effective as possible.

1. Target By Location

If you have various physical locations in the world as well as an online store, you are going to want to send out mailings that are targeting by location. For example, if you have one store in Town A and another store in Town B, you are going to want to send out mailings to people that live near Town A and to different people that live near Town B.

If you have customers from all over the United States, sending out mailings based on larger geographical areas can still be useful. Sending mailing about clothing to keep you warm in the snow, for example, doesn't make sense to send to your customers in Florida. Using geographical boundaries can help you send more meaningful emails even if you are operating primarily online.

2. Target by Age

Different age groups tend to have different interests and needs. For example, teenagers and young adults may be getting ready to go back to school in September, whereas people in their 30s are getting ready for fall, and individuals in their late 30s through 50s may be getting their own kids ready for school.  Targeting by age can help you target by life events and interests that meet your audience's needs and interests.

3. Target by Purchasing History

You have extra information about your customers beyond their name, address, and age. You also know what they like to purchase. Use that information to create customer mailers. For example, if you run a clothing store, maybe you send out a special mailer for a discount code for everyone who has purchased purses from your store and you send out a different special offer to everyone who has purchased shoes from your store before.

When it comes to sending out direct mail, use all the information that you have to craft and send out the best direct mailer possible. You want to make sure you are sending out mailers that match your customer's interests based on the information you have. For more ideas, contact a marketing agency near you.